Online sports betting: Betfair Australia and BetEasy go into partnership

Online sports betting: Betfair Australia and BetEasy go into partnership

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Written by James Martin on 16 Dec 2014

In 2015, Betfair Australia and BetEasy will merge their fixed-odds sports betting activities. What does it mean for Betfair customers?

Betfair’s fixed odds section is going to disappear in Australia. From Tuesday January 6th, 2015, Betfair Australia will exclusively operate the betting exchange. The sportsbook activity will continue under the BetEasy brand.

BetEasy, now fully controlled by the group Crown Resorts, is a 100% Australian betting site. Formerly branded BetEzy, the new platform has shown a formidable growth since its launch in April 2014.

What does it mean for current Betfair customers?

All Betfair members will be able to log in to the BetEasy platform with their current Betfair’s username and password. Your BetEasy account will be created automatically but your bank account details won’t be carried over for security reasons. If you prefer not to register with BetEasy, you can simply opt-out.

Once logged in, you will get the opportunity to transfer funds from your Betfair account to your new betting account.

What will happen to your pending bets, after January 6th?

On January 6th, if you still have pending bets placed across the Betfair “Bookmaker mode”, they will be settled and paid in your BetEasy account. If you don’t want to open an account at BetEasy, Betfair will pay your winnings as usual but then, you will only be allowed to use the sports betting exchange services.

There are absolutely no consequences for bets placed through the betting exchange mode. Betfair will stay the most popular betting exchange platform in Australia and all over the world.

What will happen if you already have a BetEasy account?

That’s the tricky part. If you are a client of both bookmakers, you will have to contact BetEasy in order to merge your current BetEasy account and the new one.

You can contact the customer service by email, phone or talk to them on social media. There is also a Live Chat help on their website.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 13 EASY (13 3279)

Twitter: @beteasy