Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2014: Our favourites to reach the podium

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2014: Our favourites to reach the podium

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2014
Written by James Martin on 24 Jul 2014 by Paul D'Ambra

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix: Get all the information about the last race before the summer break (circuit preview, odds, tv info)

Before the traditional Formula 1’s summer shutdown, F1 drivers are going to race on the Hungaroring motor-racing circuit, near Budapest. Once again, betting odds reflect Mercedes’ hegemony. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg took the victory at their respective home’s race in the British Grand Prix and German Grand Prix and are showing no sign of weakness. This time, no one is racing on home soil and we will see who wants the victory more. Racing fans can expect a captivating race, heated rivalry between Mercedes teammates and a potential comeback of the Red Bull or Williams team. Here is a preview of the Hungaroring circuit and our short list of favorites to step onto the podium next Sunday.

Hungaroring circuit

The Hungaroring race track is a challenging and low-speed circuit. With no high-speed corners, it differs radically from the Hockenheim circuit. Despite the difference between both circuits, Mercedes is still the favorite to win the race as their cars remain the strongest and the quickest.

The first sector, from the start/finish line to the fourth corner, includes two key areas. The first one is the straight line segment before turn 1. Drivers accelerate to 290 km/h along the pit straight and then must slow down before the first tight corner. The second one is the medium-high speed curve between turn 3 and turn 4.

The second sector is slower but plenty of curves difficult to negotiate (from turn 4 to 11). In this section, less powerful cars like Ferrari get the opportunity to shine.

The third and last sector begins at turn 12 and end right after turn 14. A good exit of the final corner is really important as drivers arrive directly on the last straight run before the start/finish line.

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix 2014

The FIA established two DRS activation zones for the Hungarian Grand Prix and a separated DRS detection zone (between turn 13 and 14).

Podium finishers

As commented above, bookmakers’ main favorites to win the next Sunday’s race are the Mercedes pilots. Not only Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have won nine Grand Prix in total but Mercedes leads temporarily the constructors’ ladder from 178 points. Currently, the betting odds on Lewis Hamilton to win the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix fluctuate between 1.67 from Ladbrokes to 1.75 from Sportingbet. Odds on the victory of the actual F1 drivers’ championship leader are a bit higher, from 2.25 (Sportingbet) to 2.63 (Sportsbet).

If we are quite confident that a Mercedes pilot will step onto the highest level of the podium, the rest of the podium finishers is more uncertain. Analyzing last drivers’ performances, we’re tipping Valtteri ​Bottas and Daniel ​Ricciardo to share the podium with the Mercedes pilots. A bet on the Red Bull or Williams pilot pays nice dividends. Daniel Ricciardo’s price for podium finisher this week-end reaches odds of 3.00 from Bet365 and Sportsbet. Betting odds on Valtteri Bottas to podium finish are included between 2.40 (Sportingbet) and 2.75 (Bet365).

Finally, it’s important to say that drivers will probably experience high summer temperatures this weekend and it can also influence Sunday’s race and results.

TV info

The 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix will be broadcasted on the TV Channel “One”.