Sportsbet launches Cash Card

Sportsbet launches Cash Card

Sportsbet Cash Card
Written by James Martin on 02 Dec 2014

Sportsbet Cash Card: the fastest, safest and easiest way to withdraw money from your online betting account. Read more about it!

Withdraw your winnings instantly from any ATM in Australia with the new Sportsbet Cash Card! Since November 2014, the Australian bookmaker has given you the chance to get cash directly from your online wagering account, using an EFTPOS card. We tell you how it works, what benefits you can get and how to claim your card.

In partnership with Emerchants, Australian provider of prepaid payment solutions, provides customers with a fast and easy way to access their wagering winnings. Thanks to the new Cash Card, punters can use instantly any money won online instead of having to wait an average of two or three days for bank transactions.

Sportsbet have chosen the same e-payment platform than Ladbrokes Australia for its Ladbrokes ATM card.

How to apply?

Sportsbet make it easy for users to get the new Cash Card. Once logged into your account, visit the Sportsbet Cash section and click “Apply now”. You will receive you card by post within two or three weeks. Before being allowed to use your card, return to and activate it by entering the activation code. If you have any queries, you can contact the customer service team on 1800 188 238 (free call).

How to fund your account?

From the Sportsbet Cash section, click “'Withdraw winnings to card”. If you have enough money in your betting account, your cash card balance will be immediately funded. Absolutely no fees will be charged for funding your card balance.

What are fees and charges for using the card?

All EFTPOS purchases are free. ATM fees for withdrawals depend on the ATM network but it will cost you the same than using a standard debit card.

Are there any restrictions associated with the use of Cash Card?

Note that it’s not a VISA card so you can’t shop online. Also, the card is reserved exclusively to Australian residents, for AUD currency Sportsbet account, and you cannot use it abroad.

Finally, you will not be allowed to purchase or withdraw more than $3,000 per day and the maximum ATM Withdrawal amount per transaction is $1,000.

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