Ladbrokes VISA card: shop with winnings anywhere, any time

Ladbrokes VISA card: shop with winnings anywhere, any time

Ladbrokes Card
Written by James Martin on 25 Sep 2014

Get instant access to your wagering winnings with the Ladbrokes card and enjoy all its features: online payments, ATM withdrawals…

Since 2013, bookmaker Ladbrokes Australia has continuously delivered high quality and innovative products to its customers. The Ladbrokes card is one of these great features that enhance the overall betting experience of Australian punters and give us the opportunity to enjoy our betting winnings to the maximum.

With the Ladbrokes card, you can get a direct access to your betting account in just few seconds and use your winnings as you wish. The VISA debit card allows you to shop online, make ATM withdrawals and purchase with your winnings everywhere where the VISA debit cards are usually accepted. If your card account is funded, you can withdraw from ATMs up to $1.000 per day and spend a maximum daily amount of $2.500 for purchases.

No fees will be charged by Ladbrokes as long as you buy or withdraw in Australian dollars. The VISA card can be used abroad but a 2.99% exchange fee will be billed for each transaction.

How to claim your Ladbrokes VISA card?

Log into your account and apply to get your Ladbrokes card from the “My account” section. Once completed the application form, you will receive your VISA card and the PIN number by post within 10 business days. Before being allowed to use it, you must activate the card online from the Ladbrokes Australia website. Then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a Ladbrokes cardholder.

How to fund your account?

Fund your account from your Ladbrokes betting account instantaneously! The transaction is totally free of charge and immediate if you have money into your wagering account. That’s an excellent way to withdraw and use your winnings easily. Transactions will be only accepted between your VISA card account and your Ladbrokes account (in both way). Cardholders can quickly check their balance and the last transactions from their desktop or from the Ladbrokes Australia mobile website.

In case of troubles, the Australian bookmaker will assist you by phone. If you lost your card, forgot the PIN number or want to report any difficulties, please call the support team at 1300 523 276.

Not yet a Ladbrokes customer?

Sign up now and enjoy the Ladbrokes betting experience! Become a member of one of the most efficient and popular Australian betting platforms and be rewarded with a $250 welcome bonus.

Want to know more?

For more details, watch the following Ladbrokes TV ad and visit the website.