Free betting tips

Free betting tips

Free betting tips
Written by James Martin on 01 Jul 2014 by Lisaclarke

Here are some free tips and betting advices on how to make successful bets. Are you complying with the best betting practices?

No matter you are an experienced punter being on a losing streak or a beginner having some troubles, it’s sometimes important to go back to basics and look back on some of the most important betting rules: bet at the best available price, do your homework, gather as much information about a match as you can, stay objective, select your bets and obviously manage your money cleverly. Here is a selection of general sports and horse racing betting tips that we hope you will find helpful.

Choose the right bookmaker

The first step to be successful at betting – before you even start to define your betting strategy – is to choose the appropriate bookmaker. Punters have to check a set of features, being concerned about all betting aspects: notoriety of the website, odds and payouts, range of betting options, quality of live betting service, deposit / withdrawal methods and requirements, promotions and free bets available for existing customers, efficiency of the customer service, and so on.
Today, we would like to especially focus on betting odds. Depending on the sport you plan to bet on, it could be better to select such and such bookies. So, remember to compare odds before you place a bet and analyze pre-match odds movements. You will learn rapidly what the best bookmarkers are for each sport or betting market.

Keep yourself up to date

Whatever sports you bet on, don’t get emotional and base your bets on analysis and statistics. This betting tip can seem obvious but lots of punters forget basic principles of betting and lose bets for a lack of auto control and judgment. Spontaneity and impulsiveness could actually ruin all your best efforts to make profits. So, keep yourself up-to-date and place a bet only if you have enough inputs to make a decision.

What kind of information do you need to know? Surely, it depends on the sport you're betting on but never stop looking for relevant data like:

  • Injuries or overall physical and mental condition of players
  • Last results and performances in similar competitions
  • Details about the event (location, surface, weather…)
  • Statistics tendencies, pre-match analysis and last news
  • etc.

Finally, do not rely 100% on a unique information source. Cross-checking data and facts is a good way to make sure that you get the correct information and you will analyze properly the match. And remember the golden rule: do not fail for lack of discipline. It’s smarter to not place a bet if you’re note well-prepared than betting on everything at any time.

Choose a sport you follow

It’s highly recommended to exclusively focus on one or two sports and center on specific competitions. As commented above, the more information you gather about the game, the more probability you have to win your bet. It can be time consuming to keep track of every result and players’ performance, so stay focused!
For example, close to 1.000 players are ranked on the WTA Tour ranking and as you probably know, good value can be found in early rounds matches by backing lesser known players. So, do your homework and know everything about young or lower-ranked players! As you can see, even if you focus your interest on the upper part of the ranking, you still have to analyze a lot of information: head-to-head statistics, recent performances, court surface…
Also, if you’re a soccer fan, it may be a good idea to specialize on lower leagues football rather than first division leagues. Basically because it will be easier for you to gather valuable information about your local team and as a result, you will get more opportunities to find value bets.
Remember, consider sports and competitions that you follow regularly rather than ones that supposedly pay the best.

Manage Your Bankroll

Another key factor for sports betting and horse racing is your ability to manage your bankroll wisely. The bankroll is the total amount of money you paid into bookmaker accounts. So, naturally it’s limited. There are several methods to learn how to manage your bankroll properly. Here, we will provide you with only one example, the linear management.
According to the linear method, it’s advisable to wager a percentage of your bankroll and stick to it. This will help you in earning a stable income, rather than going on a betting spree. The recommendation is to not pass a maximum of 5% of your online bankroll on each game. Based on your confidence level, you will set your betting stake between 1% and 5% of your bankroll. This means that your average stake will represent 2.5% of the total amount of money that you are planning to dedicate to sports betting: $1.25 if you’re bankroll is $50 and $5 if you bankroll is $200.